dc norris cook quench chill adapt system in the background with the title 'Cook Quench Chill Adapt System Shows Stellar Trial Results'

Cook Quench Chill ‘Adapt’ System Shows Stellar Trial Results

The recently launched Cook Quench Chill ‘Adapt’ system is a promising innovation in the DC Norris equipment portfolio. Built from two powerful cooking systems in the DC Norris line, the new Cook Quench Chill ‘Adapt’ System is powered with advanced high-speed cooking technology and features a new modular design. Developed with great flexibility and simple to install components, the Adapt has much to brag about. Combined with our patented Recipe Manager Software, smaller tank capacities, and variable water levels to suit different batch sizes, the Adapt has delivered impressive water and energy savings in trials.

The success of the Cook Quench Chill Adapt System can be credited to two established systems offered by DC Norris: Jet Cook™ and Cook Quench Chill. These two systems are impressive on their own, but combining them into the new Adapt system has revolutionized how companies can cook pasta, rice, potatoes, and vegetables without damage or clumping.

Cook Quench Chill Adapt Delivers Continuous Heating or Blanching with Jet Heat

A main feature of the Adapt system is the cook tank heating component powered by two patented Jet Heat direct steam heat systems. These Jet Heat direct steam heat systems, part of the Jet Cook™ system, deliver remarkable speed and efficiency in heating the water in the cook tank. Recent trials showed 161 gallons could be heated from ambient to 176°F in 8 minutes.

a look at the DC Norris cook quench chill adapt system from above

Individual Heat Exchangers on the Quench & Chill Tank Speed Chilling Time

The Cook Quench Chill system heats and cools the product (fresh or frozen) using a three-basket sequence. The first basket cooks the product in hot water. The second basket retards the product with ambient water, and the third and final basket completely chills and completes the process. 

There are individual heat exchangers on both the quench and chill tanks in the Adapt system, and the system uses less water overall, resulting in faster batch chilling times.

The individual internal heat exchangers continuously chill and control the Quench and Chill water temperature. This water is recirculated through the Stainless Steel heat exchangers delivering remarkable savings. The Heat exchangers are cleaned as part of the In-Place Cleaning regime (backflushing is also available).

Gentle Wave Agitation & Starch Removal System Featured in the CQC Adapt

The DC Norris Wave Agitation System is featured in the CQC Adapt system ensuring clump-free, undamaged product. The Starch Removal System, also integral to the performance of the CQC Adapt, allows water to be reused for subsequent batches.

Early CQC Adapt Trial Results

During the first customer trials of this system, The Adapt was able to provide exceptional cooking times with these results: 

Jasmine Rice – Cooked and cooled to 3.9°C         

  • Result: 100kgs dry/240kg cooked – 15 minutes

Peas – Starting temperature of -7°C / Heated to 85°C /Cooled to 2.7°C

  • Result: 100kgs – 6 minutes

While the trial results have shown to be promising, there are also additional benefits of the Adapt System, including: 

  • The water holding tank provides less frequent water changes.
  • Safe to operate with fully interlocked guarding
  • Wave Agitation System provides consistent product quality 
  • Simple to clean, with no external switches or wires
  • All stainless-steel design with vibrating trough conveyor

Expect Continued Innovation from DC Norris

With over 50 years in the industry, DC Norris is committed to remaining at the forefront of food processing machinery innovation. The introduction of the Cook Quench Chill Adapt System is very promising, and the team is excited to see how these machines will transform how food manufacturers cook and package innovative new recipes. To learn more about our line of cooking equipment or more about the Cook Quench Chill Adapt System, contact us today.