an image of green chilled soup in a glass bottle with the headline that reads DC Norris Equipment for the chilled soup trend

DC Norris Equipment Fit for the Chilled Soup Trend

The soup market is booming and food manufacturers are racing ahead to get a piece of the next trend: ready-to-drink chilled soups. With consumers looking for more healthy and convenient foods, the soup segment has stepped up as a viable option. Current chilled soup trends range from sweet and fruit-flavored to bone-broth and super green fortified, Brands like ZUPA NOMA (now Medlie) and Tio Gazpacho have brought ready-to-drink, super-food packed, chilled soups to the refrigerated aisle of more than 1,000 supermarkets across North America boasting messages of lower sugar, higher fiber, and less waste than their HPP juice and green juice shelf mates.

Growth Of The Soup Market

Modern soup eaters expect diversity with their soups and have disrupted the market around how soups are made and distributed. These new soup preferences and buyer expectations caused these current highs and they show no signs of stopping. Ready-to-eat soup products saw 7% growth from 2018-2019, and the global chilled soup market is projected to grow upwards of 5% from 2020-2026.

The projected growth within the global chilled soup market has pushed manufacturers to tap into this segment. However, the chilled soup market comes with some challenges including shelf-life. One way to overcome the category challenges is to invest in the right equipment to do the job: the DC Norris cook chill system.

Stay Competitive with DC Norris Cook Chill Equipment

The DC Norris cook chill system was developed as an alternative to traditional cook-and-serve methods. The cook chill system was designed to retain a food product’s texture, taste, and aroma, with the ability to produce food in large batches. Using DC Norris cook chill equipment to cook and rapidly chill soups can help manufacturers stay competitive in this ready-to-drink soup category while also producing outstanding results. The DC Norris cook chill equipment perfect for chilled soups are:

  • Kettle Systems: Built to cook a wide range of foods, including soups and sauces, DC Norris kettle systems are the go-to equipment to produce large-batch soup products. When combined with Jet Cook™ our kettles provide a fast and efficient cooking process perfect for mass producing soups.
  • Jet Cook™: Combined with the kettle system, this innovative steam-powered fluid processing system significantly reduces processing times without compromising quality or flavor.
  • Tumble Chillers: Perfect for large batches of soup, the tumble chiller allows the product to be rapidly chilled in flexible plastic casings. This rapid chill enables the soup product to have an extended refrigerated shelf life of up to 45 days and even longer if chilled to frozen.

With consumers wanting new options for fast, convenient, specialized soups, companies have turned to the cook chill process to meet the demand. The DC Norris cook chill equipment line gives manufacturers the ability to develop ready-made chilled soups in bulk with results that are safe, delicious, and able to be delivered in-home or on the shelf of any major grocery store.

About The DC Norris Cook Chill System

As the industry standard with food companies worldwide, the DC Norris cook chill System uses ground-breaking equipment designed and manufactured in the UK. Providing the chilled soup industry with high-quality, nutritious finished products with a safe extended shelf life, the cook chill fleet of products always delivers. From our Steam Jacketed Kettles to Tumble Chillers, DC Norris provides commercial and industrial food producers the convenience of delicious batch-cooked foods that are both safe and cost-effective.