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From Scrambled to Sous Vide: Our Egg Cooking Solutions Help Manufacturers Put Breakfast on the Table

From a full sit-down meal of fruit, bacon, and eggs to pancakes slathered in syrup, we’ve long been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Pre-COVID, many rushed through mornings without breakfast or grabbed a breakfast bar or piece of fruit that could be eaten through the morning commute and school drop-offs. Then, COVID-19 swept the globe and millions found their newly commute-free mornings left time for the coveted hot, balanced breakfast. New breakfast habits have formed and Whole Foods is predicting that ‘Epic Breakfast Every Day’ will be a top consumer food trend in 2021.

As the world cautiously returns to time-strapped weekday mornings and commutes, healthy and satisfying breakfast options that are quick and easy are reaching peak demand. With a trend shift toward healthful breakfast products like sous vide egg bites, mung bean made vegan “eggs,” and ready-made breakfast bowls, people are finding innovative and healthy breakfast foods. These hot breakfasts are easy to cook from the comfort of home or office and are available as ready meal options from local stores and restaurants.


To supply the product to meet these growing breakfast trends, food manufacturers are turning to DC Norris’s egg cooking solutions, including sous vide and Jet Cook™ for their ability to carefully handle the innate temperature sensitivity of eggs.

Sous Vide Your Way to Excellent Eggs

Sunnyside up, once over-easy, poached or scrambled – the egg lineup is vast, and by preparing them using the sous vide cooking method, manufacturers can cook the perfect egg every time. From cooking in bulk to single-serve, preparing eggs using sous vide can produce a variety of finished consistencies from velvety, creamy poached eggs to souffle-like textures that can easily be frozen and then reheated without compromising taste or quality. Eggs prepared sous vide are delicious and retain their nutritional value during the cooking process. Some other pros of using a sous vide machine for egg breakfast components include:

  • Perfectly cooked eggs every time
  • Increased shelf life
  • Cost-effective
  • The ability to refrigerate or immediately freeze after the cooking process
  • The ability to add prepared eggs to a multitude of different recipes or ready-made meal offerings

Jet Cook™ for Fluffy Scrambled Eggs and Breakfast Bowls

Whether seeking a soft scramble or a firmer egg, Jet Cook™ delivers high shear heating and mixing to cook and homogenize liquid eggs into a flawless finished product at remarkable speeds. Scrambled eggs prepared with Jet Cook™ also deliver increased yield and volume. Jet Cook™ is a fast, flexible, and efficient food processing solution that uses direct-contact heating. Jet Cook™ collapses steam into the egg product at high velocity through the specially designed Jet Cook™ nozzle. As the steam collapses it pulls the liquid egg product through, creating a re-circulating effect (partial vacuum) in the re-circulating pipe.  99.5% of the steam is utilized and then collapsed into the egg ensuring huge energy savings and fluffy eggs.

The Many Benefits of Jet Cook™ for Egg Cooking


Jet Cook™ facilitates the reduction of ingredients required in each recipe, for example: modified starch (10%), herbs/spices (10%), flavorings (10%), milk/cream  (13%), cheese (8%), gums (8%), salt (10%), stock powders (10%), garnish ingredients (10%). (Recipe Dependant)

Ready meal trials with a leading manufacturer in the UK resulted in a 25% reduction in salt and a 40% reduction in fats.


Jet Cook™ results in a typical energy reduction of between 35% – 40% compared to traditional cooking methods as 99.5% of the steam is utilized and then collapsed into the product, making Jet Cook™ extremely efficient.

No Burn-on

Jet Cook™ eliminates burn on contamination, one of the most common issues with jacketed vessels and heat exchangers. By eliminating burn on contamination, Jet Cook™ helps manufacturers eliminate batch rejection, too. This also results in reduced cleaning times and cleaning chemicals used. 

See a recent client testimonial from Jet Cook™ egg cooking trials: https://www.dcnorrisna.com/a-test_kitchen-testimonial/ 

Learn More About the DC Norris Egg Cooking Solutions

Whether using sous vide or Jet Cook™, our egg cooking solutions offer food producers unprecedented control over the finished product quality. With our sous vide cook tanks and the Jet Cook™ system available in various sizes suited to commercial kitchens and large industrial operations, DC Norris can fit your production requirements. DC Norris can also design, manufacture, and install the latest industrial cooking equipment as a purpose-built system or to be retro-fitted to an existing system.