Is ‘Sous Vide Machine’ an Accurate Description of the CT-1?

Is ‘Sous Vide Machine’ an Accurate Description of the CT-1?

Many are wondering just how automated the CT-1 is and whether or not the description ‘sous vide machine’ is accurate. So let’s dive in.

What is the CT-1?

Simply stated, the Model CT-1 is the only sous vide machine designed to meet the batch and floorspace requirements of commercial food producers. The CT-1 is a 50-gallon capacity sous vide cook tank designed to fit compact commercial spaces and accommodate their batch size requirements. The CT-1 is NSF Certified and can be used to cook 1 – 120lbs of product fully unattended. Foods cooked in the CT-1 are cooked sous vide, meaning under vacuum. Sous vide cooking immerses food that is portioned and vacuum-sealed into plastic pouches in a temperature-controlled water bath that cooks the food slowly at low temperatures. This slow cooking of foods at consistently maintained low temperatures produces cooked products with perfect texture, intensified flavors, and preserved nutritional quality. 

The CT-1 is controlled with a touch-screen HDMI. It utilizes standard electric heating and is quickly connected to existing main water sources for tank filling.

Is The CT-1 A Sous Vide Machine?

What is a machine? The Oxford Dictionary defines a machine as “an apparatus using or applying mechanical power and having several parts, each with a definite function and together performing a particular task.” A synonym for a machine is ‘appliance’ which can be an easier way of thinking of the CT-1 in a commercial kitchen or food preparation space. 

So does the CT-1 fit the definition? It does. The CT-1 is, in fact, a sous vide machine that unifies several parts together to perform the function of safely cooking food.

What Processes Does the CT-1 Automate?

Automation reduces human intervention in processes. When we look at the CT-1 and the processes it completes with little or no human intervention we have the following list:

  • Safely, consistently and evenly heating food
  • Measuring the internal core temperature of the food being heated and ending the heating process when the food reaches a core temperature indicating it is safely and thoroughly cooked
  • Measuring and controlling the temperature of the water bath
  • Cooling the water in the cook tank and subsequently, the foods submerged in it

Are there any discounts available on the CT-1 Sous Vide Machine?

DC Norris North America is proud to offer a 10% cash-back rebate on the CT-1. All purchases of the CT-1 by North American businesses are eligible for this cash-back rebate.

Claiming this limited-time offer for 10% cash-back on the CT-1 is easy. Simply complete the form below to let DC Norris North America know that you’re interested in the CT-1 and the rebate offer. A representative from the DC Norris North America team will be in touch promptly to discuss your business needs and begin the ordering process for the CT-1 sous vide machine.

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