What Foods Are Best Suited to Jet Cook™?

What Foods Are Best Suited to Jet Cook™?

The Jet Cook™ System is the revolutionary steam-powered heating and mixing system patented by DC Norris. It’s the fastest cooking and mixing system available today, but is it the right fit for the products you produce?

Here’s our Jet Cook™ Specialist, Stuart Rigby, discussing the remarkable power of Jet Cook™ at Gulfood Manufacturing:

What is Jet Cook™?

Jet Cook™ is a liquid food processing system, designed for foods of a pumpable consistency. This encompasses everything from soups and stews to custards to wet pet food.

The Jet Cook™ nozzle atomizes steam at high pressure directly into the product, creating a partial vacuum that pulls product through the system and back into the vessel. At the same time, the Jet Cook™ system simultaneously heats, mixes, and pumps the product. Here again, Stuart Rigby answers frequently asked questions about the Jet Cook™ System. The questions addressed in the video include:

  • What is Jet Cook™?
  • How Does Jet Cook™ Work?
  • Where Can the Jet Cook™ Nozzle Be Fitted?
  • Can the Jet Cook™ Nozzle Be Fitted In-line?
  • What Products is Jet Cook™ Used For?
  • Can Jet Cook™ Be Fitted Into an Existing Vessel?
  • What Are the Benefits of Jet Cook™?
  • How Flexible is the Jet Cook™ Unit?
  • Does Jet Cook™ Add Water to Recipes?
  • What is the Largest Jet Cook™ System?
  • Is It Easy to Convert Recipes to Jet Cook™?
  • Does Jet Cook™ Make Products Healthier?


What Foods Are Best For the Jet Cook™ System?

Jet Cook™ is best for liquid food products of a pumpable consistency. The DC Norris test kitchen has conducted more than 4,000 Jet Cook™ trials and installed systems around the globe to produce a wide variety of foods. Suitable foods for Jet Cook™ include:

  • Premium Wet Pet Food
  • Meat Pasta Sauces
  • White & Dairy-Based Sauces
  • Curries & Ethnic Foods
  • Sweet & Savory Pie Fillings
  • Custards, Puddings & Mouses
  • Condiments & Dressings
  • Dairy & Non-Dairy Beverages
  • Fruit Jams, Jellies & Conserves
  • Soups & High Viscosity Stews

What Makes the Jet Cook™ System Unique?

Awarded the Top Futuristic Technology Award, Jet Cook™ is unique in that it can be used to replace traditional heat exchangers eliminating burn-on. Eliminating burn-on creates remarkable water conservation during the cleaning process and allows the system to operate for many hours without cleaning. This gives manufacturers much-needed control over production, labor, and energy requirements. Jet Cook™ also reduces pipework length allowing manufacturers to produce more product, with less waste, in a smaller space.

Jet Cook™ is also unique in its ability to improve the nutritional profile of foods. The unique cooking system dramatically reduces the need for starches, fats, and salt to produce desired taste and texture.

Jet Cook™ Benefits:

  • 50-70% Reduction in Cooking Times
  • Improved Product Nutrition
  • Unmatched Particulate Integrity & Product Quality
  • Reduction of Operation Costs
  • System Fitting & Flexibility

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