Potatoe/Potato: Here’s A Look at Our Potato Cooking Solutions

Potatoe/Potato: Here’s A Look at Our Potato Cooking Solutions

Whether diced and in a pasty is the preparation you favor or mashed is more your style, there’s a good chance that DC Norris North America provided the potato cooking solution that got the spud to your table. Manufacturers around the globe rely on our potato cooking equipment. Call it a potatoe or a potato, the humble spud is gracing our palettes breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Our Potato Cooking Solutions:

In addition to choosing the right type of potato for the job, choosing the right preparation method is crucial to finished product quality. Our potato cooking machinery is designed to help manufacturers with even heating and cooling and proper starch removal for optimum finished product quality. 

Steam Jacketed Kettles

DC Norris direct steam kettles are designed for the cooking and/or mixing of a wide range of food products, including soups, casseroles, sauces, and more. With custom designs to suit each customer’s requirements; kettles are available with a huge range of features and accessories. Kettles can be integrated into existing processes by utilizing the range of outlet options that can be fitted to the standard outlet in the base of the kettle. 

Kettle Features:
  • Standard sizes from 80 to 500 gallons (custom sizes made to order)
  • Inclined scraping type agitator which has patented scoop-type scrapers with replaceable, heat resistant, food approved plastic blades
  • Steam jacket operates up to 105psi
  • Kettles manufactured in stainless steel grade
  • Split steam jacket available for cooking small batches
  • Insulated and clad in a stainless steel sheath
  • Standard internal sanitary finish of 180 grit
  • External surfaces have a semi-deluxe buff off bead blast finish 
Custom Kettle Options:
  • Jet Cook™
  • Steam Injectors
  • High Shear Mixer
  • Tilt Out Agitator
  • Tilting Kettle
  • Recipe Management System
  • Load Cells
  • Braising Bar
  • Drop-In Sieve
  • Outlet Valves
  • Access Platform 

Jet Cook™

A patented DC Norris System, Jet Cook™ offers significantly reduced processing times and dramatically cuts clean-in-place requirements, without compromising on quality or flavor. It is a revolutionary fluid processing solution that can homogenize, emulsify, entrain, pump, and heat with impressive, rapid performance.

Jet Cook™ Benefits:
  • No Moving Parts: The Jet Cook™ infuser has no moving parts and is extremely quick and efficient at heating and mixing product. Because of this, the thermal impact on particulates is dramatically reduced, resulting in a first-class finished product and particulate integrity.
  • Reduced Processing Stages: The mixing, heating, pumping, and homogenizing of ingredients can be completed simultaneously in one simple stage reducing waste and energy usage
  • Particulate Integrity: With no moving parts and a reduced thermal impact, the integrity of particulates (meat, vegetables, fruits) is superior to traditional production methods.

Root Vegetable Cooker

Vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, and beetroots are tipped into our continuous cooker and are moved through a chamber containing filtered dry steam delivered by multiple steam infusion nozzles. Temperature probes situated in the chamber ensure an even temperature is maintained throughout the chamber. Our specially designed perforated Auger ensures the steam is kept in contact with the vegetables at all times and gently transfers them through the chamber. The system also has individually controlled temperature zones for more sensitive products such as potatoes that need gentler heating dependant on the variety. The system can be easily programmed via our HMI to cater to a variety of product sizes, and recipes can be stored. Virtual Chart Recorder is available for batch traceability.

Cook Quench Chill ‘Adapt’

Products such as pasta, rice, potatoes, and vegetables are cooked or blanched continuously at faster speeds due to the addition of two patented Jet Heat direct steam heat systems. Product quality is assured with The variable Wave Agitation System, which produces a damage-free product and prevents product clumping.

The CQC Adapt Process:

Module 1: Product Loading

Hydraulic Euro Bin tipping unit integrates into the CQC at the Cook Position. Can be lowered to operator level for product loading, and raised for loading into baskets.

Module 2: Cook

Product is cooked quickly and evenly using Jet Cook™ Technology, achieving 100% energy into the water. The variable flow wave agitation system ensures even cooking and removes clumping issues.

Module 3: Quench

The Quench vessel is loaded with cold water to stop the cooking process and to rinse/wash the product before the chilling phase. 

Module 4: Chill

Rapidly reduces the product temperature to below 37.4 °F. The Chill Vessel is initially filled with cold water from the mains and the temperature is lowered by circulating through a heat exchanger. 

Module 5: Unloading

Vibratory De-Watering Conveyor. Stainless steel trough vibrating conveyor drains water from the product before discharging into a standard tote bin or customer product trays.

Contact DC Norris North America for Potato Cooking Solutions

DC Norris is here to help manufacturers perfect the potato with our array of innovative potato cooking solutions. Reach out to our expert team of engineers to learn more about the machinery that’s right for your operation.

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