DC Norris North America is proud to launch the Jet Processing system at Process Expo 2019

DC Norris North America to Announce the Release of New Jet Processing System at Process Expo 2019

(see the PPMA Total Show Launch here)

Following three successful global installs of the innovative new Jet Processing system and extensive testing at its research facilities in the UK and South Africa, DC Norris has approved the North American launch of their groundbreaking Jet Processing System. Product Technology Manager, Stuart Rigby, will travel to Chicago from the UK headquarters to assist DC Norris North America President, Dick Smith with the Jet Processing System’s North American release in booth #3455.

TRAVERSE CITY, MICHIGAN October 2, 2019 – Jet Cook™, DC Norris’s patented high speed cooking and mixing system, has revolutionized the food manufacturing industry with unprecedented production speed and high yields. Following extensive development, testing and installation in three global facilities, customers can now not only cook with Jet Cook™ at high speed, they can also utilize new features including Jet Heat, Jet Entrain, Jet Sterilize and Jet Clean. These new innovations will be made available to the North American market for the first time at Process Expo 2019 and will save customers energy, water and reduce costs by minimizing the overall processing times – not just for cooking, but for clean-down as well,

In 2006, DC Norris pioneered cooking with direct steam and developed the Jet Cook™ method of high speed cooking, Using the same focus on high speed systems in food manufacturing, DC Norris has continued to develop and re-engineer the Jet Cook™ system into a complete Jet Processing system designed to increase throughput, product quality and repeatability while reducing labor, energy and water usage. 

The Jet Processing System encompasses:


Water is generally the first ingredient added to a process vessel to make any soup, sauce or beverage. The challenge is that water has to be potable and come direct from a mains supply so it is normally below 50°F and requires a considerable amount of time to heat. DC Norris developed Jet Heat which is an in-line heating system that not only heats the incoming water to 140°F, but also acts as a pump to speed up the delivery supply. This system could replace an in-line heat exchanger where there are issues with limescale build up which has a negative impact on efficiency. In-line heat exchangers also create back pressure which slows the speed of filling. Jet Heat overcomes both of these problems and requires no maintenance.  During testing, The benefits were instantly recognised in energy savings and were in some cases achieving a 35% reduction in total process time. 


Jet Entrain is suited for adding powders, starches, hydrocolloids or dairy based powders into a product. By developing an injector system below the powder hopper, DC Norris’s Jet Entrain has created significant production improvements. The Jet Entrain injector system has the capability to pull ultimate vacuum without wetting any of the product until it enters the flow line. Normally this is achieved by opening a valve at the bottom of the hopper, however, doing this without wetting the valve and thus blocking the next batch proved a challenge. A challenge overcome by Jet Entrain. Difficult to wet powders such as pectin, CMC and guar can be entrained directly into the gaseous stage of Jet Cook™ and heated, pumped and mixed in 7 trillion droplets of water/liquid ensuring no lumps or agglomerations in the finished product. Jet Entrain replaces a completely separate process involving mechanical homogenizers. 


After cooking, some process systems have a requirement to elevate temperatures to 249.8°F for extended shelf life.  Normally this would be achieved in a large retort or pressure vessel, Jet Sterilize eliminates that need with an in-line system capable of continuously heating the product to temperatures exceeding 249.8°F, saving manufacturers on equipment, energy and factory floor space. Jet Sterilize will heat liquids from 86°F to 298.4°F at rates in excess of 5,283 gal/hour in less than 6.5 feet with zero burn-on. 


Jet Clean is powered by the Jet Head which has the ability to pump water and elevate temperature and pressure. Coupled together with an in-vessel spray ball this gives an incredible washing and cleaning performance.. Traditional CIP systems can be replaced with this method, saving manufacturers on overall production time and manufacturing footprint.  

To learn more about the Jet Processing System including the latest innovations to the Jet Cook™ system visit the DC Norris North America booth, #3455, at Process Expo October 8-12, 2019 or contact us directly for a private consultation.