DC Norris North America is counting down the days to Process Expo at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL. We’re pleased to be exhibiting at this year’s show (visit us in booth #3455) from October 8 – 11, 2019. 

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What Systems Can You See In Action In the DC Norris North America Booth (#3455) at Process Expo 2019?


Jet Cook™

Perhaps you’ve heard about the revolutionary, patented processing system DC Norris has brought to the North American food machinery market. Perhaps you haven’t. 

Jet Cook™ is the fastest cooking and mixing system on the market today. 

Whether you’ve never seen it or you’re ready to buy, head to our booth at Process Expo to learn more about Jet Cook™; the industrial food processing system with no moving parts that harnesses the power of steam to cook, mix, homogenize, emulsify and entrain in one step. 

Stuart Rigby, DC Norris Product Technology Manager will be headed to Chicago for the Process Expo from our headquarters in the UK to share his expertise on the Jet Cook™ system. Rigby has traveled the globe helping food producers design and implement Jet Cook™ systems that drive remarkable processing time, nutrition and finished product quality improvements. A year ago, Rigby was on site in Malawi where the world’s fastest maheu processing system was installed and is powered by Jet Cook™. He’s helped producers overcome countless processing challenges from searing, to powder entrainment and more, and brings a wealth of knowledge to share with you during the show.

DC Norris North America brings Jet Cook™ to Process Expo 2019

More About Jet Cook™

Jet Cook™ operates by collapsing steam into product at high velocity through a specially designed nozzle. As the steam collapses it pulls the product (liquid) through, creating a re-circulating effect (partial vacuum) in the re-circulating pipe.  99.5% of the steam is utilized and then collapsed into the product ensuring huge energy savings.      

The low pressure and highly effective surface area in the Jet cook head facilitate flashing of volatile compounds. The entrainment of herbs and spices enhances extraction of flavor and aroma compounds, due to the speed of delivery to the low pressure zone before ‘wetting out’.

The speed of heating facilitates rapid inactivation of detrimental enzymes (e.g. oxidases and lipases from fresh fruits, vegetables and meats) that cause off flavors, odors and discoloration of fresh products.

Low and high volume powders can now be entrained directly into the low pressure dispersion zone via the entrainment hopper, giving a large effective surface area with very short residence times. The powder and liquids are now simultaneously mixed, heated, pumped and hydrated in a controlled manner. The DC Norris Jet Cook™ system can entrain powders such as SMP, MP, maize flour etc. in less than three minutes. Jet Cook™ also makes easy work of traditionally difficult to wet powders such as CMC , pectin, starches and hydrochlorides allowing them to be entrained directly into liquids without fish eyes and agglomerations.   

Cook Chill

More than 30 years ago, DC Norris made a global name for itself by introducing the cook chill system to the European ready-meal market. Cook chill has since become the industry standard for producing high quality convenience foods with a safe extended shelf life. The cook chill system allows producers to cook and then rapidly cool product which not only retards bacteria, it also allows the food produced using cook chill to retain the taste, aroma and texture of freshly prepared ingredients.

The DC Norris cook chill system allows food producers to centralize production, control product quality and is a unique fit for the new North American food culture that is focused on low-prep, single serve, high quality meals.

Drop by our booth at the show to speak with DC Norris North America’s President Dick Smith. Smith brings a wealth of first-hand experience and knowledge in overcoming the processing and production challenges faced by ready and convenience meal makers. DC Norris North America will showcase their Cook Chill System in Booth #3455 at Process Expo 2019

Sous Vide

DC Norris manufactures sous vide cook tanks and has designed and installed industrial sous vide cooking systems for food manufacturers around the globe. Sous vide has been widely adopted in the North American restaurant industry and continues to take a stronghold in industrial food manufacturing as it eliminates uncontrollable cooking factors and allows for precise portion control which controls quality and cost.

From tablet kiosks on the booth to a main presentation screen, attendees will be able to see these systems in action in the DC Norris test kitchen and from several industrial production facilities around the globe. 

DC Norris North America President, Dick Smith and Product Technology Manager, Stuart Rigby will be on hand to speak with attendees about their unique manufacturing and processing challenges and assist, on the spot, with beginning to strategize potential systems and solutions. Together, their knowledge of the needs of industrial food processors today is unparalleled and they look forward to meeting with and helping you.DC Norris North America will feature their Sous Vide cook tanks at Process Expo 2019

Visitors to our booth at Process Expo 2019 will also have instant access to videos of our additional systems and equipment in action:



Why You Should Visit the DC Norris Booth at Process Expo 2019

Attendees at Process Expo 2019 who are looking for ways to expand their current processing capacity or systems, improve their product quality or processing times will benefit from the decades of knowledge and expertise that DC Norris North America President, Dick Smith and Product Technology Manager, Stuart Rigby bring. Smith and Rigby understand the needs of modern food producers and have valuable experience helping producers integrate DC Norris systems with existing or new equipment. Their experience combined with the unmatched quality of the equipment manufactured by DC Norris allows food producers to make dramatic additions, changes and improvements to their operations with minimal downtime.

Learn more about the types of foods our equipment and systems are best suited to here:

To book a private, focused meeting during the show with either Dick Smith, or Stuart Rigby, please complete the contact form right here on our website.

We’ll see you very soon in Chicago!