DC Norris & Company Ltd has been recognized in the sixth edition of London Stock Exchange Group’s 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain. DC Norris & Company Ltd is the parent company of DC Norris North America who opened offices in Traverse City, Michigan in 2015.

DC Norris Recognized on London Stock Exchange 2019 List of 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain

DC Norris has been helping global food producers manufacture their products safely and efficiently since its inception in 1970. The company and its founders Douglas and David Norris (Managing Director) were instrumental in introducing the Cook Chill concept to food manufacturing in Europe. The Cook Chill concept gave food producers the ability to transform convenience food in Europe which is now the fastest-growing ready meal market in the world.

Today, as the North American food market begins to experience massive shifts toward healthier, convenience food options that meet the ‘snack culture’ requirements of little prep without sacrificing nutrition –  it is the equipment manufactured by DC Norris that empowers food producers to meet those demands. With a company commitment to innovation and research, DC Norris has innovated far beyond Cook Chill and introduced several other food manufacturing systems, like Jet Cook™ a high speed cooking and mixing system that cuts manufacturing times by as much as 50% for producers. 

David Norris, Managing Director commented  “This is without a doubt a proud time in the history of DC Norris, and to have our achievements recognized purely on merit makes it even more exclusive and special. This recognition is a result of the hard work and dedication of the whole team both at DC Norris and at our sister Company BCH, and we look forward to continuing our success story”. 

Widely known for designing, manufacturing and  installing innovative, turnkey industrial food processing systems for some of the most recognized food brands around the globe, DC Norris and DC Norris North America are committed to offering food manufacturers all of the equipment and expertise they need to build and operate highly efficient food processing operations.

Dick Smith, President of DC Norris North America noted “I wake up everyday proud to be a part of this organization and what it truly contributes to the world. Expect continued innovation and rely on DC Norris to be the partner that helps food manufacturers here in North America and around the globe deliver innovative, continually evolving food products with uncompromising quality and efficiency.”

In a public statement, David Schwimmer, CEO, London Stock Exchange Group remarked, “Congratulations to all the companies selected for inclusion in the sixth edition of London Stock Exchange Group’s 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain report, which identifies the UK’s most dynamic SMEs. SMEs drive growth, innovation and job creation and are the lifeblood of the British economy. We believe that supporting the growth of these businesses is critical to the UK economy and the creation of a society that works for everyone.

DC Norris North America offers North American food producers all of the equipment and systems manufactured by DC Norris including Jet Cook™, Cook Chill and a new line of loading, lifting and discharging equipment

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