how would DC Norris North America prepare enough pie filling to fill The World's Largest Cherry Pie? Jet Cook™ of course.

The short answer is, we’d Jet Cook™ it. 

It’s the National Cherry Festival here in Traverse City, Michigan and to celebrate we’re diving in fork-first to the story of the World’s Largest Cherry Pie. We’ll look at who has held the title, who holds it now and how quickly we believe we could cook the cherry pie filling with our patented Jet Cook™ system. (Just in case Traverse City becomes interested in reclaiming its reign as the home of the World’s Largest Cherry Pie).

In 1976 (just one year after United States President Gerald R. Ford was the Grand Marshal of Traverse City’s Cherry Royale parade), a man named Dave Phillips convinced businesses and cherry growers in Charlevoix, Michigan to bake The World’s Largest Cherry Pie as part of their cherry festival. (Brave move Dave. Then again, we know a few Daves and they’re just as brave. Must be a trait that comes with the name.) 

Just 50 miles north of Traverse City, a 17,420 pound cherry pie became the world record holder. The tin the pie was baked in is still on display along US-31 in Charlevoix, Michigan.

Of course, you can’t be home to The National Cherry Festival and not hold the record for the World’s Largest Cherry Pie for long. So 11 years later, in 1987, The Chef Pierre Bakeries (now Sara Lee) baked a cherry pie not to be outdone. Weighing in at 28,350 pounds and measuring 17 feet 6 inches, in diameter; the Traverse City-baked cherry pie was officially dubbed The World’s Largest by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Disappointingly, Traverse City’s triumph was relatively short lived. In 1990, Canada got in on the game baking a 39,683 pound cherry pie in Oliver, British Columbia. They still hold the world record.

What if Traverse City decided to reclaim its title as the home of The World’s Largest Cherry Pie? We’re coming close to the 100th anniversary of The National Cherry Festival. Perhaps? 

To be proactive, we checked in with DC Norris North America President, Dick Smith, to see how quickly he believes our patented Jet Cook™ system could cook the cherry pie filling.

Assuming the prospective world-record breaking tin would weigh around 4,000 pounds and Traverse City wanted to make a cherry pie that weighed, say, 43,000 pounds.

How long would it take to prepare 37,000 pounds of cherry pie filling with our Jet Cook™ system?

Hypothetically of course, and leaving weight for the crust.

With swift confidence Dick Smith stated “8 hours, completely cooked and chilled.” 

It would seem we could have this pie idea completed in just a few weeks?

Sara Lee? Are you up for it?

how would DC Norris North America prepare enough pie filling to fill The World's Largest Cherry Pie? Jet Cook™ of course.