Amazon’s Whole Foods has released their Top 10 Food Trends for 2020.

The predictions they put out for 2019 were quite accurate including: a jump in the popularity and diversity of CBD products, vegan meat snacks and a focus on eco conscious packaging.

What did they have to say about 2020 food trends? And how is DC Norris North America uniquely suited to help food manufacturers produce products that meet these new consumer demands? Read on!


2020 Food Trend #1:     

Regenerative Agriculture 

The improvement of soil health and new methods of farming and grazing that restore depleted soil, says the mega grocer, will take center stage. 

As food processors, what does this trend mean to you?

If this trend is accurate, consumers will be looking to product packaging to learn more about the farming practices behind the ingredients used to make your products. 

Our prediction? It won’t end there. Buyers across the spectrum, from the grocery store to procurement, will be asking more questions about the carbon footprint of the manufacturing process as well. After all, if there are efforts going into the farming practice – then there certainly should be care and concern going into the manufacturing process as well. 

One of the many benefits of several of our systems is the positive improvement in processing time and efficiency meaning, in short, you can produce more with less (time, energy, labor, ingredients, additives etc). 


2020 Food Trend #2:

Even More Alternative Flours

Almond flour? That’s old news.

2019 showed the mainstream adoption of things like cassava flour, chickpea flour and arrowroot powder and 2020 will be no different. According to Amazon’s Whole Foods, the new flours entering the market will make baking both more adventurous and more inclusive (better accommodating dietary needs and restrictions). They won’t be relegated to the home chefs either, these new flours are expected to be adopted by packaged food producers as well to make ready-made food available to those with specific restrictions and adventurous preferences.

The predicted flour stars? Tigernut flour. Banana flour. Cauliflower flower in bulk and teff flour, to name a few.

As a manufacturer of food processing machinery installed around the globe we’ve already helped many food producers design and build the systems necessary to process and entrain the flours (like teff) that are new to the North American consumer.

You can learn a bit more about our Jet Entrain system launched at Process Expo this month in this post, or simply contact us to discuss the evolution of your products and we’ll gladly make our recommendations for new or adapted systems to make those recipes possible.


2020 Food Trend #3:

Snacking’s Getting Cold

Frankly it’s hotter than ever as a lifestyle because North American’s are on-the-go and sit down meals have become an exception. But chips for dinner? Not a chance.

Snacks are taking over the refrigerated section. Be still our British-born hearts. We [DC Norris North America] are here [in North America] in support of this very movement. Why? DC Norris pioneered the cook chill concept throughout Europe and it is this very system that allows the refrigerated foods section to safely, and efficiently fill up with the kind of snacks once only prepared and portioned at home (like hard boiled eggs, chilled soups, single serve dips and more).

Amazon’s Whole Foods is predicting that these snack foods will have a shrinking ingredient list, too. Making them fresher, healthier foods which are perfectly suited to our cook chill systems that allow for centralized production, quality and ingredient control, and safe extended shelf lives in refrigerated storage of up to 45 days.

Put our experience working with these ingredients in manufacturing plants and products around the globe to work for your business today.

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