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The Most Innovative Features of the CQC Adapt

The creation of the Cook Quench Chill ‘Adapt’ System (CQC Adapt) was the result of the DC Norris R&D team’s focus on building a more flexible, modular system with advanced efficiencies for food manufacturers. Putting their experience and skills together, they created the CQC Adapt. 

This ambitious system reduces energy and water consumption, enhances equipment flexibility and maintains product taste, texture, yield and quality. Full of innovative features and updated mechanics, the Adapt system showed successful trials from the start. Jasmine rice has been successfully trialed; 220lbs was cooked and then cooled to 39° F in 15 minutes. 

See spaghetti trials here.

The CQC Adapt Innovations


The CQC Adapt is a 5 Module system designed to easily expand/reduce throughputs and reduce installation time and expense.

  • Module 1 – PRODUCT LOADING

Hydraulic Euro Bin tipping unit integrates into the CQC Adapt at the cook position. Can be lowered to operator level for product loading, and raised for loading into baskets. 

  • Module 2 – PRODUCT COOKING

Product is cooked quickly and evenly using Jet Cook™ technology, achieving 100% energy into the water. The variable flow wave agitation system ensures even cooking and removes clumping issues. 


The Quench vessel is loaded with cold water to stop the cooking process and to rinse / wash the product prior to the chilling phase. 


Rapidly reduces the product temperature to below 3 °C. The Chill Vessel is initially filled with cold water from the mains and the temperature is lowered by circulating through a heat exchanger. 


Stainless steel trough vibrating conveyor drains water from the product before discharging into a standard tote bin or customer product trays. 


One of the many innovative features of the CQC Adapt is that the cook tank heating feature is powered by Jet Cook™. Jet Cook’s™ direct steam heat systems (called Jet Heat) heat the water in the cook tank from ambient to 176°F in minutes. Specifically, one trial showed 161 gallons heated from ambient to 176°F in 8 minutes. By utilizing Jet Cook™ for rapid tank heating, the CQC Adapt uses 50% less energy during heating than comparable equipment. 

Additionally, the CQC Adapt is fitted with individual heat exchangers on both the chill and quench tank to provide a seamless heating and cooling system with individual controls for precise results. 


Another notable feature of the CQC Adapt system is how water is filtered and saved throughout the cooking process. Outfitted with variable speed pumps in each of the product baskets, the CQC Adapt uses these pumps to process water more efficiently. Each cooking cycle offers less water removal or complete water change, providing vast water savings and greatly accelerating the batch chilling process.

Additional features of the CQC Adapt include:

  • The Wave Agitation System ensures clump-free, undamaged products
  • The Starch Removal System integration allows water to be reused for subsequent batches, providing fewer water changes overall
  • Safe to operate with a fully interlocked guarding
  • Easy to clean design with no external switches or wires, and a water gun is provided for manually washing baskets

Continued Food Processing Machinery Innovation, Like the CQC Adapt,  From DC Norris

The  Adapt is so successful because of its many innovative features. From its tank heating power to its water-saving systems and modular design, this top-of-the-line system is an exemplary example of why DC Norris is and will remain a pioneer in the industrial food processing machinery industry. 

With a 50 year legacy, DC Norris continues to create and share its food processing machinery and innovation with the global market. The introduction of the Cook Quench Chill Adapt System is an exciting addition to the DC Norris line of machinery, and the company is excited to see how this new system will revolutionize future cooking, packaging, and recipe development. Learn more about the CQC Adapt or get a custom quote by contacting us today.