Introducing The Belt Tumble Chiller

The Belt Tumble Chiller is a fantastic new addition to the DC Norris cook chill line of equipment. The Belt Tumble Chiller uses a flighted belt to massage and cool bags of food, in place of the standard Tumble Chillers rotating drum. The belt motion is unique to this machine, which provides a cooling and unloading process that takes less time than the Rotary Tumble Chiller. Unlike the Rotary Tumble Chiller, the Belt Tumble Chiller has a self-unloading system that does not need to be manually unloaded. This self-unloading feature reduces the product’s overall emptying time, which saves on labor costs and increases output.

Why Use The Belt Tumble Chiller?  

In the chilling stage of the cook chill process, it is vital for the cooked product to be chilled and frozen correctly to preserve taste and ensure safe chilled shelf-life. After the product is cooked to satisfaction, the food should be securely cased and immediately chilled for reheating or cold storage. To complete this process, food manufacturers use machines like the Belt Tumble Chiller to safely handle large quantities of food product.   

Specifically designed to cool already cooked product within sealed casings, the BeltTumble Chiller circulates chilled water around the bags, resulting in even and fast cooling. In addition to the water tumbling the food, the Belt Chiller also uses a secondary cooling aid, which applies chilled water on top of the bags during every cycle. The speed at which the food cools down varies depending on the product and the casing size. However, it is typical for producers to recognize faster cooling times with the Belt Tumble Chiller. It is especially quick with viscous products including soups and sauces.

The Benefits of Incorporating This Into Your Cook Chill Process  

Aside from this new chiller’s ability to increase output through its large capacity and self-unloading feature, it offers the following benefits for food manufacturers:  

  • The belts motion is gentle on delicate foods   
  • Recycling tanks save and reuse chilled water  
  • Small footprint for any size operation  
  • Quicker cooling cycles translate to overall energy savings   
  • Easy to maintain and operate   
  • Has an in-line jet heater for self-cleaning and clean-in-place 

Belt Tumble Chiller At DC Norris North America

With four standard size options to choose from(300L, 500L, 750L, 1,000L) and custom sizes available upon request, DC Norris has the right chiller for your production needs. Ideally suited for increasing in-line production and speed per load with its self-unloading feature, the DC Norris Belt Tumble Chiller was built to increase overall productivity and output.

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