The Latest Innovation from DC Norris: The Heat Seal Pump Fill Station

The heat sealing of food products in bags has evolved over time. The process can be traced back to World War II, when soldiers would receive food in sealed bags to help preserve freshness. Since then, using the heat sealing process has grown from single-use foods to large casings of product produced by food manufactures. From small machines for at-home use to large machines like the Heat Seal Pump Fill Station, heat sealing products within bags is cost-efficient and provides extended shelf life for the sealed product.

Why Should You Heat Seal Your Product?

Food manufacturers who produce large quarantines of food products and use a heat sealing process will see many benefits to their overall operational costs. As a part of the cook chill line of products, the Heat Seal Pump Fill Station utilizes the traditional application of sealing bags but takes it a step further. With the ability to fill up to five bags per minute, this machine provides a clean, precise, and cost-effective option to seal and then cook, chill, and store food products.

Aside from providing longevity to a food product, there are many benefits of using the Heat Seal Pump Fill Station for your food manufacturing process. Some of these benefits include:

  • Reduced per bag filling time
  • Reduction in waste and ingredient costs from precise food measurements
  • Easy to maintain and operate machinery
  • Cooked food product results are reliable and consistent
  • Works seamlessly with the DC Norris Cook Chill Equipment Line

How Does the Heat Seal Pump Fill Station Operate?

The fill station process begins when heated food is pumped directly into bags. The Heat Seal Pump Fill Station then creates a strong heat seal to ensure a tight closure. The bag is sealed with two or three layers of sealing protection at the top of the bag to ensure the bag is leakproof and secure. The machine holds the bags tightly during the filling, sealing, and transporting process, so operators do not have to handle any hot or heavy bags. The sealed bags are dropped into a tote for easy transport or into a tumble or belt chiller, where they will be prepared for cold storage or frozen.

download the DC Norris North America Heat Seal Pump Fill Station

Learn More About The DC Norris Cook Chill Products

Food manufacturers can add the Heat Seal Pump Fill Station into their DC Norris Cook Chill lineup. The Cook Chill manufacturing process begins with the Steam Jacketed Kettle or the Jet Cook System and ends with the Tumble or Belt Tumble Chiller. The Heat Seal Pump Fill Station works as the bridge between the cooking and chilling process as it perfectly seals and prepares food for cooling and storage. The DC Norris portfolio of pump fill machinery is a necessary step in the process as it creates perfectly measured proportions in safe-to-handle bags. These bags not only make cooling and transportation simple, but they also help extend the shelf life of soups, sauces, and other pumpable food products.

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