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Commercial Sous Vide Equipment Helps Foodservice Businesses Cope with Labor Shortages

With the number of available jobs higher than people looking for work – securing employees for many businesses is currently difficult. This is especially true in foodservice, where many owners are currently struggling to find and retain employees and are facing the possibility of an increased minimum wage. While labor shortages are nothing new in the food and beverage industry, the global pandemic and the rise in the cost of living within the country have stunted the industry’s workforce growth.

To survive, the foodservice industry needs to adjust its workflow and adapt to the current market landscape. To accomplish this, foodservice businesses should identify ways to operate their businesses without extra hands and find ways to minimize labor use. While “more hands make less work” is still valid in a literal sense, there are ways to have “fewer hands, for more work” if you are ready to innovate and streamline.

How Commercial Sous Vide Equipment Can Reduce Labor    

For commercial kitchens to run smoothly, you need to have employees staffed within different areas. From prep to cleaning – the number of employees adds up. However, using a commercial sous vide machine, like the CT-1, can help reduce the amount of labor in your kitchen while also increasing profitability by controlling ingredient costs, reducing food waste and streamlining labor needs.

A fully-automated sous vide cook tank in your commercial kitchen adds often-needed flexibility that is required in foodservice. Not only does a sous vide cooking system reduce food waste and improve food consistency, but it is also simple to use and can be operated by any staff member. Additional benefits of commercial sous vide include:   

  • The ability to batch prepare large quantities of ingredients at one time, which can be frozen or refrigerated without loss of quality.   
  • The ability to turn cheaper cuts of meat into a premium product, reducing ingredient costs.    
  • Producing nutrient dense flavor profiles as all the ingredients are vacuum-sealed and cooked within a pouch.
  • When the food is being cooked within the sous vide machine, it will free up staff members to carry out other tasks. The fully-automated CT-1 can even be left unattended to cook foods to perfection overnight.
  • The cooking process increases the shelf life of the finished product and reduces waste.   

All these added benefits from a commercial sous vide machine will help your foodservice business cope with labor shortages. Not only will a commercial sous vide machine assist with cooking large amounts of food, but one single operator can complete it. 

How Does the DC Norris Commercial Sous Vide Machine Work?   

Sous Vide is a cooking process that involves cooking food under a vacuum in plastic pouches which are submerged in a water bath. The food product is slow-cooked within the tank and held at a precise temperature, ensuring that food is cooked evenly and perfectly every time. The commercial sous vide machine (Model CT-1) is part of the DC Norris line of cook chill equipment. From commercial scale sous vide cook tanks to the revolutionary belt tumble chiller, our line of cook chill equipment will increase your overall productivity even if you are experiencing labor shortages in your business. To learn more about how our commercial sous vide equipment can fit your business, contact us today.