Official Media Release: DC Norris North America Offers Cash-Back Rebate on New Commercial Sous Vide Cook Tank

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DC Norris North America Offers Cash-Back Rebate on New Commercial Sous Vide Cook Tank

DC Norris North America is bringing relief to restaurants, catering groups, hospitality businesses, and other commercial food producers in North America with a fully-automated sous vide cook tank (Model CT-1) and a 10% cash-back rebate.

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. – Dec. 2, 2021 – The global COVID 19 pandemic continues to bring
strain to food-focused businesses. From rising labor costs to a pressing labor shortage and the supply chain
hiccups left in its path, food service businesses, restaurant groups, hospitality businesses, and food
manufacturers are in dire need of solutions to build sustainable business futures. DC Norris North America
is responding with a sous vide cook tank that can be left to cook foods to unparalleled perfection without
any employee oversight. To ensure that they’re helping as many businesses take advantage of this
only-of-its-kind sous vide cook tank, DC Norris North America is now extending a 10% cash-back rebate
offer on all new purchases of the CT-1.

The CT-1 sous vide cook tank was designed to fit the floor space requirements of commercial food
preparation and production spaces while packing all of the exacting power and automation of the
manufacturer’s industrial-scale sous vide machinery. To streamline and speed the delivery process – the
CT-1 sous vide cook tank is being manufactured in Michigan. A first for the UK-based food machinery

Dick Smith, President of DC Norris North America remarked “DC Norris has always focused on partnering
with the clients and businesses we serve, to listen to and meet their needs, as much as it has focused on
equipment innovation. For more than 50 years we’ve been designing and manufacturing food production
machinery that helps businesses manufacture products as efficiently and safely as possible. For the last 20+
months, these food producers have needed more. They’re relying on us to deliver state-of-the-art equipment
that addresses new labor challenges, as quickly as possible. And we’re proud to do it. Being able to offer a
machine that is NSF Certified, made in the USA, can cook foods fully unattended, and is virtually ‘plug and
play’ means that we’re providing as much help as we can as quickly as possible. The 10% cash-back rebate
is simply a bonus we’re happy to extend right now to get the CT-1 into every facility and kitchen that needs

To take advantage of the rebate offer, food-focused businesses are asked to complete the form on this page:

In addition to the rebate claim form, you’ll find a product demonstration video that tells more about the
CT-1 Sous Vide Cook Tank and its capabilities, service requirements, batch sizes, and more.

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