What Is It Like to Buy a CT-1 from DC Norris North America?

What Is It Like to Buy a CT-1 from DC Norris North America?

Wondering what it’s like to buy a CT-1 from DC Norris North America? While most of the DC Norris food processing equipment portfolio is manufactured in the UK at DC Norris global headquarters, the CT-1 is unique. The CT-1 is the only piece of DC Norris equipment manufactured in North America.

Is the CT-1 Manufactured to Order?

The CT-1 is currently manufactured to order rather than held in inventory. 

Where Does the CT-1 Ship From?

The CT-1 is made in Michigan and ships from Michigan. Read more about this Made in Michigan story here.

How Long Does it Take to Build a CT-1?

Orders are typically ready for delivery in 8-12 weeks.

Can the CT-1 Be Customized?

The CT-1 was designed specifically to be a sous vide cook tank that suits a variety of commercial-scale food processing needs ‘out of the box’. At this time, we don’t offer customizations to the CT-1 but continue to provide bespoke equipment, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you want to discuss a customized food machinery order.

Where Do We Order Spare Parts for the CT-1?

All necessary spare and replacement parts for the CT-1 can be purchased through DC Norris North America. You can expect prompt fulfillment with most parts shipping directly from our Michigan office, often with same-day departure. 

Several businesses choose to keep an inventory of spare parts and we’re glad to assist with a list of those we recommend you have on hand.

Where Do We Order Sous Vide Bags for the CT-1?

The CT-1 is designed to work with any commercial sous vide bag, however, we supply Plascon sous vide bags and recommend them highly for their superior performance. Plascon sous vide bags are tubular vacuum bags which means that they only have one seal, dramatically lessening the likelihood of leaks. Plascon blags are strong, made from co-extruded simultaneous 7-layer blown film produced under HACCP-controlled conditions. They offer greater stretch and flexibility, reducing the chance of punctures, tears, and leaks. They also resist delamination. 

image from Plascon Group: https://www.plascongroup.com/products/sous-vide-packaging/

Is There a PDI Process?

The pre-delivery inspection (PDI) process is conducted by DC Norris North America, ensuring that the CT-1 has been manufactured to our exacting specifications. With our bespoke industrial food processing machinery, there is an on-site PDI process. You can read more about that here.

Can We Try the CT-1 Before We Buy It?

You can! In Traverse City, Michigan at our DC Norris North America HQ you can trial the CT-1 in our Innovation Kitchen. It isn’t a requirement to purchase but is an available resource. If you’d like to learn more about the Innovation Kitchen, you can here. To inquire about setting up a CT-1 trial, complete our quick inquiry form and we’ll be in touch to discuss this further. 

DC Norris North America_The Innovation Kitchen Logo on blue background

Who Installs the CT-1?

The beauty of the CT-1 is that it is designed to be a “plug-and-play” piece of equipment. It utilizes standard electric heating and can easily be installed by your team with a complete user guide available digitally via a QR code on the machine. The user manual and setup instructions are also included with your CT-1 when it arrives and as always, your DC Norris North America team is always on hand to answer questions and offer assistance as needed.  

How Do You Order the CT-1?

Initiate your CT-1 order and claim a 10% cash-back rebate by completing this form (linked here or available below). Once completed, you can expect to hear back from your DC Norris North America representative promptly to place your order.

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