Testimonial - Andrew McCallum

Andrew McCallum

“In 2013 we built our H.J Heinz New Global Center of Innovation in Nijmegen, Holland and a major part of the project was to equip the facility with both traditional and state of the art processing equipment from around the world. This was to allow us to undertake trials on HJ Heinz full category of products with systems designed to enable us to understand the issues of moving from table top innovation to  full production in  facilities throughout the world, and reduce the risks involved when up-scaling the process.

DCN were selected as our partners to undertake the full turnkey project utilizing existing equipment taken from across Europe and integrated into one full system, giving us the ability to add autonomous pieces of specialist equipment and including their revolutionary Jet Cook Steam Infusion System to our traditional lines. The entire system was provided with a ‘process overview’ touch screen, enabling the operator to set up new trials and mimic the plant operation on a desk top. DCNs also wrote all the software for the plant.

It is a pleasure to work with such a forward thinking company who have some world leading technologies under their belt, but still understand the traditional values of a working partnership.

We are presently working with DCN to install their multi In-line Jet Cook Steam Infusion System that will allow us to cook and process products in a single pass bringing yet more flexibility and innovation to our equipment portfolio. Whatever we develop here in Nijmegan will be rolled out throughout the world.”